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Quick Facts

Manatee Threats

Manatee's face many threats, unfortunately. These threats include but are not limited to: boating accidents, loss of habitat and destruction, fishing gear entanglement, human harassment, climate change, and exposure to red tide and other harmful algal blooms. The greatest long term threat is the loss of warm water habitat where the animal thrives.

Manatee Population

There is estimated to be around 13,000 manatees throughout the world. They can be found from Florida to Brazil, Africa, and in the Amazon River. There were ~1,000 reported manatee deaths throughout 2021 in Florida alone. :(

Manatee Speed

Manatees cruise around at 3-5 MPH but they can reach speeds of up to 20 MPH in short bursts. Watch out!

Manatee Environment

Manatees need warm water. They have minimal body fat (surprising, we know) to protect themselves from cold water; and the water they're in must be over 60℉. Anything colder and they are at risk to die from cold stress!